heifer development

A heifer development program is basically back grounding heifers, but then synchronizing and AI’ing them in the spring.  Smaller groups will be grouped together by size and breeding dates to be more accommodating.  No amount of heifers is too small.  There are so many advantages to AIing: heavier calves, better calves, more calves, increased uniformity, increased flexibility, permanent and additive results and proven genetics.  Heavier calves due to improved genetics and the fact that calves are 9 days older than non-sychronized groups. Better calves due to proven and targeted genetics that deliver improved calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass traits.  More calves due to increased calving ease, better breed back, more chances due to increase heat cycles in a defined period to become pregnant.  Increased uniformity due to less genetic and age variation.  Increased flexibility due to the ablity to use specific sires that will improve certain traits in your herd.  Permanent additive results due to the genetics that become part of your cowherd, they are one input that continues to pay dividends long term.  Proven genetics for calving ease, growth, maternal ability and carcass traits.