about us

Justin & I have both been “farm raised” and both have farming and ranching backgrounds.  We have been farming/ranching for the past 10 years of our marriage and had been helping our parents do the same thing prior to making our home 8.5 south of Colome, SD.  We use to work at a feedlot until our own responsibilities took priority.  Justin was part of the cowboy crew and I was part of the feeder crew.  We have a small ranch that consist of 250 cows, 89 ewes (on the last count), lots of horses ( more than needs known), one dog, 1 cat, 4 kids.

I, Shelley, have my own business as well, known as Prairie Portraits by Shelley.   I have been offering my photographic services to the area for the past 8 years but enjoy helping Justin, time permitting.  Justin has been AI’ing our own herd for the 13 years, and is encouraged by the results that come from proven genetics.  We use to have milk cows that he first started on, but since then the milk cows have gone down the road, to all our delight!  Cowmakers was born on the idea of backgrounding and breeding heifers as Justin loves this part of ranching.  Let us turn your heifers into cows for you.